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Latitude Design Automation Inc.,(LDA), was established in Shenzhen, China in early 2021. It has R&D and foundry process design kit (PDK) service centers in Chengdu, Wuxi and Hsinchu (Taiwan).

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Latitude Design Automation is committed to providing automation solutions for "specialty process" semiconductor chip design. Among world wafer foundries, “specialty process” is one of the mainstream process platforms, alongside advanced process (<28nm) and mature process (≥28nm). “Specialty process” semiconductor chips have a wide range of applications, including photonics, power devices, MEMS/smart sensors, and analog/radio frequency chips. Due to the significant differences in chip layout, standard parameterized cells (PCells), feature size, and the impact of materials on signal transmission, etc., traditional EDA tools are not suitable for meeting the design requirements of “specialty process” chips, compared to digital circuit chips,


Latitude Design Automation has a talent team with a professional EDA background. Based on years of experience in demand analysis, methodology research, product planning, and development practice in the field of “specialty process” chip design automation, we have worked closely with industry leading customers to develop EDA full-flow solutions that meet industry needs. These solutions cover standard parametric cell (PCell) design, process/device solver modelling, circuit layout design and pre- and post-layout simulation, artificial intelligence-aided design optimization, multi-physics field simulation, physical verification of layout, etc. Some of the functions not only fill the gap of "special process" EDA in China, but also take the leading in the industry.

Latitude Design Automation's full flow EDA solutions include the following product lines: 

  • PIC Studio: Photonic IC full flow design automation

  • Power Studio: Power device full flow design automation

  • MEMS Studio: MEMS/sensor full flow design automation

  • Meta Studio: Metalens full flow design automation


Latitude Design Automation's full flow EDA solutions can effectively support the complex structural layout design faced by “specialty process” semiconductor chips, addressing challenges such as arbitrary angles, parameterized arcs/Bezier/Cosine/Euler, and meeting requirements for physical verification of layouts. Our solutions have been adopted by industry leading companies such as optical communication, optical computing, and nano-photonics, earning high praise from customers due to our advanced technology and high-quality technical services.


Currently, Latitude Design Automation is collaborating closely with domestic and international wafer foundries and pilot lines to establish process design kits (PDK), enabling a full process from chip design to production. We are working together with industry customers to promote the independent, improved and strengthened development of the “specialty process” semiconductor supply chain, contributing to the development of the semiconductor industry.


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Web:  www.latitudeda.com