pSim, a Photonic Circuit Simulation Tool

pSim includes a library of practical waveguide, active and passive electronic and photonic components, simplified fibre models, spectrum, oscilloscope and eye diagram measurements for time or frequency domain analysis. Designers can create schematics and set up simulations using the pLogic schematic editor or Python3, and perform circuit-level simulations using the pSim photonic circuit simulator.


In the PIC Studio full flow, silicon-based electronic photonic chip design engineers can use pSim for system link model analysis and prototype verification, and can also import process models for mass production design and simulation. You can start the circuit design from the pLogic schematic tool and generate a Schematic-Driven Layout (SDL), or you can start the design simulation from the schematic and generate a Layout-Driven Schematic (LDS) to review the chip circuit topology. PIC Studio is the industry's only full-flow environment with cross-platform support for Windows and Linux.