Advanced SDL, a Schematic-driven Layout by Python3

As designs scale, a schematic-based approach improves overall efficiency. Designers can create schematics with photonic components and interconnects in the pLogic Schematic Editor, use the Advanced SDL engine to generate standard Python3 layout script, and invoke PhotoCAD to generate the layout, which performs schematic-driven layout (SDL). The Advanced SDL engine also supports schematic printer generation from the PhotoCAD Python3 layout script, making it easy for designers to debug circuits.


Advanced SDL Main Features:


  • Supports Schematic-Driven Layout (SDL), which saves a lot of time and increases productivity by automatically generating layout code. Designers can drag and drop devices into the pLogic schematic tool to form a visual schematic, generate standard Python3 code, and run the generated layout in PhotoCAD with all parametric components, optical waveguides, and electronic metal routings automatically connected.

  • Supports Layout-Driven Schematic (LDS) with complete device and waveguide parameters for iterative link verification and optimization. Designers who implement a layout in PhotoCAD can automatically generate a schematic with parametric components, optical waveguide, and electronic metal routing connections to more intuitively evaluate the topology of the circuit, allowing engineers who design from a script-driven layout to enjoy schematic tools that combine photonic and electronic circuits.

  • The PDK symbol library with physical parameters, optical and electrical ports, and full PIC Studio design flow are supported for users using PhotoCAD to automate the generation of devices.


Advanced SDL supports parametric electronic photonic components, optical waveguide connections, and electronic metal routings for a circuit design in a visual schematic tool with physical parameter settings that support the physical characteristics of silicon-based photonics, and facilitates the creation of highly parametric and curvilinear electronic photonic fusion circuit layouts without the need for large scripts through the mass-production proven PhotoCAD layout engine. The pLogic's 3-in-1 control panel displays the schematic, generated plotting code, and layout, giving the user complete control of the design process. pLogic can drive pSim for electronic photonic circuit simulation and Spice electronic circuit simulation for electronic photonic fusion simulation and optimization.